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PTFE Gaskets Seet, Seals and O-Rings Part

Standard Sizes Available We supply both molded and machined PTFE ® ( P.T.F.E.) parts. Custom sizes to match competitor styles are available. Please specify I.D. / O.D. and stack height desired when ordering.

PTFE Gaskets Sheet

PTFE Sheet Gasket MaterialVirgin, Mechanical and Expanded PTFE grades

The perfect material for Food (FDA) applications. Chemical Compatibility 0-14 PH Good for Temperatures to 450F

Ameri-lon a new family of productsusing a new hybrid material, Ameri-lon is the result of years of experience in producing PTFE materials. It is designed for a wide range of demanding industrial requirements including gasket and bearing applications. Ameri-lon is filled PTFE, uniquely combining the properties of PTFE and Aramid materials. Aramid enhances the physical properties of PTFE and results in a superior gasket material. Ameri-lon shows less cold flow and greater sealing ability than other filled PTFE materials (PTFE) or Fluorocarbons. It maintains the chemical attack resistance and the temperature range of PTFE.

Product equivalents to Gylon:Ameri-lon 9810 = Gylon 3504 , Ameri-lon 9820 = Gylon 3510, Ameri-lon 9840 = Gylon 3500, Ameri-lonExpanded PTFE= Gylon 3450/3545,Amerilon ® PTFE= Gylon Chemrex 3570 *

* This is to be used as a general guide only. All applications should be considered individually