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美国Seal and Packing has been assiting industry with mechanical seals for over 30 years. The term mechanical seals is generally applied to flat face seals, but also is claimed by the lip seal industry. We supply both and so much more. Starting with o-rings and gaskets the most fundamental type of seal to highly engineered solutions for valves, pumps and industrial equipment. Any seal that seals mechanically fits the term Mechanical Seal and we supply industries best.


Gaskets / Spiral Wounds

Metal Gaskets and Gaskets cut from rubber, non-asbestos Viton, silicone, flexible graphite, mica, beater-add, and a wide range of other materials. Quality parts, made cost effective.

Cartridge mechanical Seal

Cartridge Seals

Cartridge type mechanical seals that fit pumps with ANSI and API stuffing box bore sizes and gland bolt patterns. Designed to last, and easy to install.

Grafoil Flexible Graphite

Grafoil® Flexible Graphite

Grafoil® Flexible Graphite used for High temperature Valves and pumps. Made in many forms including die formed VOC sets, Braided Packing, Gaskets, Soot blower packings, etc...

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We have placed into inventory ANSI standard cartridge seals which we offer at exceptional prices.more...

Braided Packing for Pumps and Valves

Cutting costs is not easy, finding a packing that will allow you to reduce your packing cost but still be durable.more...

Metal Bellows Seals

We have both General Service Metal Bellows seals with AM350 bellows and Stainless End Fittings.more...

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Mechanial Seal Reviews

SealSales.comcarry high quality market seals to suit all types and Gaskets Materials, like PTFE, Single Spring Seals,O-Rings and etc...more...

Seal and Packing

Usseal.com美国Seal & Packing is a leading Seal and Packing manufacturer & distributor of mechanical seals, Grafoil, gasket material, cut gaskets...more...

Mechanical Seals

Mechanicalseals.netDetails Seals that are engineered for most pumps, mixer and agitator applications in maintenance. In many cases the designs have been proven to be workhorses over years of use.more...